Vu’s Vietnamese, South Perth

25 Mar

Last Friday evening, dinner out with two colleagues lead me to Vu’s Vietnamese in South Perth. Tucked away at the end of the shopping precinct at the quieter, more suburban end of  Mill Point Road, this is an Asian gem.

We arrived early, knowing that this was a place of such quality food and reputation, we wanted to ensure we had a table (I will return to this irony later). We were the first in the restaurant and the impeccably dressed staff greeted us with such beautiful smiles before seating us politely and ensuring that we had drinks opened and ready to drink.

The menu has all of the usual Vietnamese treats and we quickly decided on some fresh spring rolls to share as we pondered over our main choices. The spring rolls were delicious – fresh, full of crisp leaves, mint and coriander and accompanied by a hoisin sauce that was just tangy enough to balance out the rice paper rolls.

Our mains were equally impressive. A spicy chicken green curry and a more subtle beef satay, a side order of fresh asian greens and some light, fluffy rice all arrived piping hot and with even more smiles and endearing comments from the waitresses. The service was exceptional – it almost felt like we were the only customers in there! (Hmmmmm!) I am a little bias as Vietnamese is one of my favourite cuisines, but I have to say that having eaten at many such restaurants in Perth, this food rivalled all for taste and value for money.

With the wine flowing, we decided that desserts were on the cards, The stand out for me was the chocolate mousse – the cool, soothing chocloate being a beautiful contrast to the earlier spices.

After dessert we polished off the remainder of our wines. This is when we realised that we were indeed the only diners left in the room… and it is a BIG room. There had been others during the evening, but only another three tables. Now – dont get me wrong –  there were positives to this. The attentive wait staff and the quietness so that we could chatter away were both welcome. But the emptiness of the room did also feel a little uncomfortable. The place lacked atmosphere. It was Friday night… where was everyone?  I have actually been here before and it was busier and so maybe I just got there on a ‘bad’ night. I hope so. This place is good and it deserves to be much busier than it was.

Vu's Vietnamese Cafe on Urbanspoon

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