Down at the Greek

16 Apr

I have fond memories of a Summer spent lazing around the Greek Islands. Catching a ferry to a little known island, turning up a restaurant that looked like someone’s house, dipping fresh, crusty bread into the complimentary tzatziki and then enjoying the meats and salads that were served up. I would say that I love Greek food but I can’t say I have ever found a place that has been able to transport me back to those culinary highs of my travels.

So it was with trepidation that I ventured to George’s Meze Restaurant in Subiaco last Thursday. George’s has been on the restaurant scene for many years now and it is a credit to its consistency that it has managed to survive the ever changing face of this part of Subiaco. Tucked away down Denis Street near the cinema, George’s has both indoor and outdoor seating and an informal atmosphere that is both welcoming and fun.

On the Thursday nights, which this was, there is even musical accompaniment in the form of two guys playing traditional Greek music (I felt the urge to smash plates on several occasions). The place certainly has a ‘Greek’ feel about it; staff are all Greek and the night we were there, there were certainly quite a number of Greek customers (usually a telling sign that a restaurant is getting their traditional fare right).

So on to the meal- We opted for a shared platter of dips. It contained all the usual suspects (tzatziki, hummus, feta, dolmades and olives) served with some warmed pita bread. The dips and olives were tasy but the dolmades were a bit too much like your averaged canned version (maybe they were?). Initially we thought that the portions were on the small side, but then we didn’t actually finish them and so on reflection they probably had it right.

For mains we had Bourekia me Spanaki (Spanakopita in most places), the stuffed field mushroom, chicken souvlaki and an asparagus and haloumi salad. The stand out seemed to be the field mushroom, which was stuffed with feta, olives, sun dried tomato and basil. The other dishes were all ok (but not worthy of additional adjectives) and were polished off pretty quickly. Looking around the restaurant other dishes looked more impressive and substantial and if I return I would go for some of the options off the main menu (as ours were lighter, more meze style offerings).

I can see why George’s has mainatained its position in Perths restaurant scene – it is very genuine. It is a Greek restaurant, run by Greek people and providing a Greek atmosphere. Did it manage to send me back to balmy evenings sitting by the azure ocean in Greece – not quite. I will keep looking…

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