Love Thy Neighbour

26 Dec

Just in case you got here by googling the Ten Commandments, let’s be clear that this post has nothing to do with spontaneously combusting bushes, inexplicable writing appearing on stones or men with long beards. Instead it has everything to do with one of the best things to happen to Northbridge in 2012 (and a lot of cool stuff has happened to Northbridge this year).


Love Thy Neighbour is situated next to Ezra Pound (and shares the same owners) at the end of a small arcade off William St. It has been opened for a few months now so it’s running pretty smoothly. We’ve been there several times, on different days and times and have always walked away happy. Due to its opening hours it mainly caters for coffee, breakfast and lunch.

Firstly, the menu. Quite simply, it’s great. For a small cafe they have a variety of traditional, such as jaffles ($5 each, score!) and original, such as the very delicious wild mushroom on rye, dishes. They also have a bit of a love affair with bagels…but that’s good in anybody’s language.

And onto the coffee. LTN offers beans by Single Origin Roasters, supposedly one of the best roasters in Sydney. And although we’ve had a couple of average cups of coffee here overall it is good! Sometimes very good.


The final comment of this review must go to the staff who are all brilliant! They’re welcoming, friendly and actually know what customer service is all about. They are definitely a key reason why we keep returning.

At the moment, Love Thy Neighbour is doing everything right. This is one commandment we’re happy to adhere to.

Love Thy Neighbour on Urbanspoon

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